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  BILL ZEBUB PRODUCTIONS specializes in unique movies, whether they be documentaries, horror flicks, comedies, or hybrids of various genres.

   The main intention is to entertain cool people.  People who are not cool generally get offended.  That's ok, because they are not cool.  Smart people don't get offended, and smart people also try to comprehend what it is that they are experiencing.

   This site offers information for the casual visitor.  If you register, then you get more in-depth knowledge and maybe some spoilers. 


Bill Zebub, the mighty King of B-Movies, has made accounts on the following social sites. 

Facebook, Myspace, and twitter.  (click on any of those to go to the right place)



You may Email Bill Zebub at bill (at) billzebub (dot) com

or you may snail-mail BILL ZEBUB, PO BOX 1987 Clifton N.J. 07011 USA


Bill Zebub hosts a radio show on 91.1 Fm on Monday nights beginning at the hour of Satan - Midnacht, until 3am, (NY time) (as Professor Dumdum).  You can hear the stream, download, or look at the playlists at (click here if you don't want to copy and paste into a browser).

 Holocaust annibal

Hey!  If you want to get the LIMITED EDITION DVD of HOLCOAUST CANNIBAL then click the chick pic below and wanter through the realm

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 King of the B Movies
HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL limited edition DVD - Friday, September 05, 2014

HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL is being offered as a limited edtion to diehard fans, but only until October.  It is part of a crowdfunding campaign, but rather than just asking form moeny with but a simple thanks in return, Bill Zebub is making a special version of the DVD for sale at a normal price.  It's the "first cut" which may vary from the final cut to be available in December. 

Bill Zebub also has released some props from older movies that are available in this campaign.  If you are feeling ultra generous, you get your picture or video in the DVD.  Take a look at, (copy/paste that into your browser, or just click HERE)

So stand and be counted!  Diehard fans shall unite under this banner. 

First Sneak Peek at HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL - Monday, July 28, 2014
The offical page of HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL is up - Saturday, July 19, 2014


Click HERE to see the page for HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL.  More information will be added as the production progresses.

Bill Zebub's youtube channel hits over a million views!!! - Sunday, July 06, 2014

Yesterday Bill Zebub's youtube channel hit over a million views!  Thank you fro watching, sharing, and spreading the madness.  You help Bill Zebub each time you write about him on the Internet and every time you talk to people about his movies and antics.  The youtube channel is and if you are too lazy and gay to copy/paste, you can just click HERE

RACHEL CROW to star in several BILL ZEBUB movies. - Monday, June 16, 2014


   RACHEL CROW has accepted several roles in upcoming BILL ZBEUB movies, inluding one in which she plays the lead role. 

  Rachel has cultivated her own following, and some fans of BILL ZEBUB movies may know of her, but this will be the first time that the two will partner, and it should be obcioous that Rachel will quickly become a favorite actress.  She is eager to try out the horror convention circuit as well, so don't be surprised if you see her represent some of the awesome movies that she's in.

   Hopefully this shall be the beginning of many more movies.  Rachel, after all, liked BILL ZEBUB movies well before this arrangement."It's esepecially rewarding to work with professionals who already are aware of my work." said Bill Zebub in an exlusive interview conduicted by himself with himself.

Bill Zebub Returns to Radio - Monday, June 09, 2014

Bill Zebub hosts a show on Monday nights, Midnight-3am on 91.1 FM for NY/NJ and also streamed at

HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL gets the green light - Monday, May 26, 2014

   The script for HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL has been finalized and the project will enter active production in June.

   The story takes place toward the end of World Ward II.  A handful of Nazi's know that they will be defeated, so they make arrangements to live out the rest of their days in Argentina.  As they fly to their new home, lightning hits the airplane and it crashes on an island of savages.

   Bill Zebub is known for pushing the boundaries of humor, but this time the target of his jokes is the Nazis.  The horror in this movie is cognitive dissonance, more so than the barbaric acts. 

   Maeva Athena, who starred in SCIENCELESS FICTION has accepted a role.  A page devoted to this movie will soon be published on this site, and cast shall be announced as the project progresses.


   In other news ROUGH PICTURES has acquired SCIENCELESS FICTION.  Approximately ten minutes were removed from the fil, but there are still some copies of the limited edition available directly from Bill Zebub.  (The limited edition will not be sold in stores.  There is no UPC code/)  ROUGH PICTURES has DVD rights for North America.  Brave video-on-demand vendors may offer it in HD, and the movie may also appear as a bonus on a future Bill Zebub Blu(e)ray.  The Retail DVD will hit the streets by October.  It has bloopers, a director's explanation (not an apology) and a viewer reaction from a black guy who attended the debut screening.  The movie revealed the extent of brainwashing.  Most people do not detect any of the insults directed at white people.  They are too hung up on reacting like trained dogs to hot-button words.  This is a sad era.

Bill Zebub dead at age 35 - Saturday, March 29, 2014

Detectives confirmed that the body that was found in an abandoned tower is that of iconoclastic director Bill Zebub. He was fond of going into ruins of medieval buildings late at night, pretending to be a mythical creature.  His death was caused by a fal of 66 meters when he fell off the spiral staircase leading to the top of the tower.  His funeral is closed to the public and the location of his grave will remain secret due to concerns of vandalism.

Singer of GWAR is dead - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

  "It is with great sadness that I heard the tragic news.  Dave Brockie/Oderus Urungus was the last iconoclastic artist.  He was able to bring his criticism and wit to a wider audience than was possible by any other artist.  He leaves a void that I don't think can ever be filled. He was the most talented, and most charismatic, of the artist-philosophers

   It is ironinc that Dave actually wanted to reprimand me for my own iconoclatic humor when he first discovered my magazine "The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds" - he asked a coouple fo firls who worked at THE STARLAND BALLROOM in New Jersey if they knew who I was, and if I could be brought to him if I showed up.  But he suddenly realized that I was doing the same thing as he - just way more extreme.  What I mean to say is that I was making fun of things by pretending to take that side, and showing how stupid/absurd such a stance was.  A risky tactic for humor, but then, I did not have the amazing diplomacy that Dave bore when he employed his wit.

   Dave defended me to many, and he steadfastly helped me whenever he could.  I did not take advantage of the relationship.  In fact, it was many years before I asked him to be in one of my movies. 

   I saw how kind-hearted he was.  When we were filming a scene, he needed to get a prop and we were lucky enough to be in a city where there was a year-round Halloween store (in Worcestor, MA).  While shopping, one of the girls regretted that she was unable to get a ticket for the GWAR show that evening.  She did not know who Dave was (she only saw him as Orderus).  Dave revealed himself to her, and he put her and her friends on a VIP list.

   He was always doing cool things for people.  I really hope that this is just a hoax.  I can't yet conceive of his passing."

Scienceless Fiction News - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

There is a new trailer for SCIENCELESS FICTION - checki it out here  (click)


Bill Zebub has replicated 1,000 DVD's to be sold with uncensored packaging and which also include TOTAL METAL RETARDATION. These will be available at horror conventions which Bill Zebub attends, or through the mail (write to bill at billzebub dot com)


By August the DVD should officially be out in stores.  This may be a different cut, or else may contain a a few things, like a Diretor's Introduction.  The movie is  very experimental so there may need to be some helpful explanation.


The movie may also at some point become available in Blu(e)ray, that is, if there is sufficient demand for it,


The movie will screen at Cinema Wasteland in Ohio, and at Shock Stock in London, Ontario.



Bill Zebub has booked a northern NJ venue to show THREE movies.  Of course, the main attraction is the full cut of SCIENCELESS FICTION.  But to warm the audience to the offensive humor, the calssic STEREOTYPES DON'T JUST DISAPPERA INTO THIN AIR will be shown.  And the night won't die easily.  The sneak peek at TOTAL METAL RETARDATION finishes the trilogy, and after that, stand-up comics take over to make sure that your face will hurt the next day.  MARCH 5


It's open to the public, but to get more info you will have to get off your asshole and Email bill at billzebub dot com

THE LATEST SCOOP - Saturday, January 25, 2014

There is a full page ad for INDIE DIRECTOR in the current issue of Fangoria.  This movie is going to play at HORROR REALM in Pitts. PA in March.


Bill Zebub is almost finished with SCIENCELESS FICTION.  There will be a screening party in Clifton in March.  If you want to be invited, Email bill at billzebub dot com.  It is hoped that this movie will play at CINEMA WASTELAND in OH in April.

December Consumerism - Saturday, December 07, 2013

In the past, Bill Zebub has offered registered users great prices on select titles. This December he is going a step beyond. If you want to give movies to firends and family so that they can have the same incredoble experience that you enjoyed, you should get a hefty discount. So register before Dec 18. The offer ends Dec 20. If you are registered and didn't get a bountiful offer, then Email and ask why the fuck you didn't get a fucki' Email. 
SCIENCELESS FICTION is in active production - Saturday, October 12, 2013

   Andrea Hall, pictured on the left, stars as one of the main crew members of s apaceship that gets stranded.  Each member must undergo an Oddyssian journey to find a solution. 

   This is the most offensive movie that Bill Zebub has written, but only on the surface.  If you have good comprehension, then you will find a wise man in the fool.  Still, do not expect any joke to be sugar-coated.  You actually have to use your brain in this story, so the movie will probably not do very well in America.

   Release date is planned for spring of 2014.

"AMUSE ME" to hit the streets on December 17 - Saturday, September 14, 2013

The new "roughie" stars Jordana Leigh and Lydia Lael.  Angelina Leigh was originally cast, but she succombed to a medical emergency.  Ordinarily, Bill Zebub would pause the production for such an amazing actress, but this project had a strict deadline.  It is going to be released by ROUGH PICTURES, which will hold all rights for 5 years.

New Thriller set for December Release - Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Bill Zebub has cast ANGELINA LEIGH and JORDANA LEIGH to star in "AMUSE ME" which falls into the category of erotic thriller, or "sex horror" as fans of "BREAKING HER WILL" may prefer. The story begins with a woman who finds herself a captive in what appears to be an underground bunker.  She has no memory of how she got there.  Her captor dresses like a clown,  His attempts at humor prove frightenining giving new meaning to inappropriate laughter.

Bill Zebub returns to Radio - Friday, June 07, 2013

   Bill Zebub returns to the airwaves. Beginning June 13th, he will host a show every Thursday night from Midnight-3am New York time. (yes, technically that is a Friday)  The show is broadcast live on 91.1 FM as well as streamed live at  Additionally, the show is archived on that sire for podcast/download. 

   So tune in and enjoy the musical offerings, as well as unscripted entertainment. 

   This schedule remains valid until the end of December, so get it while it's hot!!!

INDIE DIRECTOR now has its own page on this site - Sunday, May 19, 2013


You can find the page by clicking here.  Enjoy the virus.  Just kidding.  

The movie has a street date in September, but there will be a screening party for it on May 25th in northern NJ. Email Bill at billzebub dot com if you want more information about that.

The DVD will be the "director's cut" which will also contain deleted scenes and bloopers.  The HD video-on-demand version will be about 20 minutes shorter, but it is 2 hours, so don't feel like you got robbed.  

25 people in the world will have the ultra rare COLLECTOR's BD-r that has the deleted scenes re-introduced into the story, as well as footage that was cut from other versions, complete with uncensored hand-numbered Blu(e)ray artwork.

Bill Zebub dies while filming INDIE DIRECTOR - Monday, April 01, 2013


   Bill Zebub was found dead this morning.  He had been filming a movie called "Indie Director" and was under extreme pressure to get the movie finished by the end of April.  The extra rush made him overlook regular safety precautions.  He had wanted to film the entire movie with dynamic camera, meaning that the camera would never stay still, but due to the time constraints he had to shoot everything from a tripod, risking the ire of bloggers who consider static shots to be archaic.  But the time saving camera-on-a-tripod technique, which bloggers hate, allowed Bill Zebub to film himself without a crew.  After all, as bloggers can tell you, all you have to do is press the "on" button, so cameras on tripods show extreme laziness of directors, or hacks, as it were.  Bill Zebub composed a shot which would allow him to be naked in a bath tub without showing his private parts to the camera, which was on a tripod.  This was to be a heart-wrenching scene in which his character commits suicide because the world hates his movies, especially bloggers.  He would commit suicide by taking a bubble bath and tossing a tape recorder into the water when a certain song by Mercyful Fate would play, electrocuting him as a result.  The tape recorder was a prop and was connected to a phony electric outlet.  But the halogen light which illuminated the scene was of course connected to a live outlet.  Bill Zebub pulled the light a little closer to the tub because he did not like a certain unflattering shadow on his washboard abs, but he slipped,  and the light fell into the tub, roasting him as he cried.  His surviving children have been asked to release the footage so that the scene could be complete.  If permission will be granted, you will see the most fitting end to this notorious director.

INDIE DIRECTOR to begin filming in March - Sunday, February 24, 2013


Bill Zebub will begin filming "Indie Director" in the first week of March.  This will be the most "normal" film that Bill Zebub has ever made, but it will still bear his unique approach.  The offensiveness will return in his science fiction comedy, which is planned for the summer.

Streaming and Download options added - Tuesday, February 12, 2013


   Bill Zebub has added streaming and download links to some of the movies.  You can find these in the upper left hand corner of various movie pages, like BLACK METAL: THE MUSIC OF SATAN.  These links are to the amazon service.   As more credible links become available, they will be posted as well.

   JESUS THE DAUGHTER OF GOD will be available as an HD download and HD streaming shortly after the April release date for the DVD.

   The links will be taken down as more big-name vendors acquire titles.  Bill Zebub does not favor one vendor over another and does not wish to show any preference.  The links that have been posted are in response to the tons of queries about how to get  BZ movies digiatlly

HUMAN ANTFARM to be finalized this week - Sunday, January 20, 2013


   Bill Zebub is almost finished with "Human Antfarm" which is an alternate cut of "Antfarm Dickhole" - the movie that dominated the horror convention cicuit in 2011.

   Some shops were feardul of carrying a movie with such a (perceived) vulgar title.  Bill Zebub did not want to offer a "safe" title if it was going to be the exact same movie.  As you might know, when a movie is shot. there are multiple "takes" of every shot.  Bill Zebub wanted the alternate cut to contain as many of these alternate shots as possible.  "Human Antfarm" is expected to be around 80% alternate footage.  The pacing is also a bit different, resulting in a shorter running time.  But Bill Zebub promises to make up for that with more extras.  He also insists that the retail price will be $9.99.  This way, if a diehard fan of "Antfarm Dickhole" wants to enjoy the alternative version, she or she will not feel double-dipped.  Expect this to be officially available in May.

JESUS, the DAUGHTER OF GOD to play in Philly on January 9 - Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Bill Zebub's new movie will debut at THE TROCADERO i

in Philadelphia on Wendnesday, January 9th.


Doors open at 7:30pm

Movie starts around 8-sh


 The lead actress, SCARLETT STORM, as well as other cast members will be present for a meet-and-greet before and after the movie.

Other events are scheduled that evening, including stand-up comedy.


METALHEADS is going out of print - Friday, November 30, 2012


   The 2008 edit of METALHEADS is going out of print.  This movie stars Emily Thomas, and is a re-make of the 2001 movie which featured a different cast.  

   Bill Zebub will soon make the remaining units available to REGISTERED USERS OF BILLZEBUB.COM (if you aren't registered, the link is in the upper corner of this page).

   There is a NEW edit of the movie, and it is a BONUS movie on EXTREME METAL RETARDATION.  

    But if you want to own something that will never be avialable again in any form, this is your last chance (unless you buy one from a fan in the future).  

   Here is a sample scene from the movie (click for youtube vid

EXTREME METAL RETARDATION comes out this week! - Monday, October 08, 2012


EXTREME METAL RETARDATION comes out this week!

In addition to seeing hilarious intervoew-moments with a ton of metal celebrities, you also get to see a NEW edit of the 2008 movie, METALHEADS, which stars Emily Thomas!

   Another bonus is long interview with King Diamond (over 40 minutes) which fans have been begging to see.  Don't worry.  There were no insults, but you will see a more light-hearted side of the man with the most unique voice in metal!

ANTFARM DICKHOLE to play ROCK AND SHOCK horror convention! - Monday, October 08, 2012

ANTFARM DICKHOLE will play this weekend at on Saturday at 2pm.  This way you can see the movie and come greet Bill at the BILL ZEBUB booth. 

The movie will play under the title "HUMAN ANTFARM" which is not to be confused with the future re-edit (Bill Zebub will re-edit this movie for the bigger chain stores that are afraid of the more vulgar title.  He is offering a re-edit in case fans who already own ANTFARM DICKHOLE mistake the new title for an actual new movie, even though Bill Zebub believes that his fans actually read.....)

This screening make ANTFARM DICKHOLE the MOST programmed movie in his history. 

DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE to headline CINEMA WASTELAND horror convention - Saturday, September 15, 2012

DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE will play in the prime slot of Midnight on the Saturday of CINEMA WASTELAND (click)  in Ohio. This is an important screening because the crowd is a valid litmus test for whether this movie gets embaraced by the horror and grindhouse crowds.  The movie is heavily flavored with the "roughie" style, but Bill Zebub wanted to see if he could make a movie that makes LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT look like a Disney flick.  Test-audiences are already raving about the dialogue and the brutality.  But the BIG test will be at Cinema Wasteland.

KING OF THE B MOVIES is now available - Sunday, August 26, 2012

   The long-anticipated documentary about Bill Zebub is now available for purchase.

   The DVD also includes the out-of-print movie STEREOTYPES DON'T JUST DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR which was a movie that was made to test the prevailaing sensibilities of those past days.  The script horrified many would-be cast members, and those actors felt regret for having refused to participate after they had seen what the movie really was about.  No balls, not glory, but shame to cowards!  This DVD also has lots of other bonus material.  Whether you are a die-hard fan of the BILL ZEBUB empire, or if you want to learn more about the most hated director in America, this is the DVD for you. 

DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE to be released in late October - Friday, July 20, 2012

   "DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE" will be released by ROUGH PICTURES in late October.

  The movie is a horror/thriller and is even harsher than "ForgiveMe For Raping You." 

   The October release will be uncut, and as such, may not be available in shops that normally carry the movies of Bill Zebub.  But it shouldn't be hard to find if you look hard enough.

   Bill Zebub continues to make movies that Hollywood can't.  And conversely, Bill Zebub can't make movies that Hollywood can.  A fair exchange.

BILL ZEBUB signs with ROUGH PICTUES for a new thriller - Monday, June 18, 2012

   Bill Zebub signed a contract with ROUGH PICTURES to write, direct, film, and edit a thriller, which is tentatively titled "Disgruntled Employee" with a possible tagline of "Shooting you is the LAST thing that he has in mind."

   Filming will take place in July and August.  Street date for the DVD will likely be in late October or early November.  You will see Claire Voyant (who played Judas in Jesus, the Total Douchebag), and Jessica Mazo (who played ANt-drea in ANTFARM DICKHOLE).

   The story seems to be about a maintenance worker in an office building who snaps one day and kills the males in the building, reserving a different fate for the females.  Bill Zebub does not want to say much else at this point, other than for you to expect to feel a lot of tension during the viewing.

EXTREME METAL RETARDATION to be finalized in June - Friday, June 01, 2012

Bill Zebub will finish editing the choicest bits from interviews with Dimmu Borgir, Alestorm, Arch Enemy, Enthroned, Arkona, Huntress. Enslaved, Tyr, Septic Flesh, Primordial, King Diamond, Kreator, Voivod, and others, and by "choicest" I mean "most retarded."

In addition to the hilarious moments will be (exclusive to this DVD) live performances and music videos (also of bands that weren't interviewed).

As an added treat, there will also be a 30+ minute interview with King Diamond for his die-hard fans.

To add even more bang for your buck, Bill Zebub has made an alternate edit of METALHEADS. He used allternate performances in 95% of the movie, and he also cut away some footage so as to enhance the main story. There is also a slightly different soundtrack, although you still get to hear the delicious flavor of HIGH POWER and MIDNATTSOL.

Thanks for making METAL RETARDATION such a hit and for DEMANDING another DVD of the same retardation level. Bill Zebub plans to keep this kind of interview-DVD going.

As packed as this is, it is only retailing for $9.99.

ANTFARM DICKHOLE to play FULL MOON film festival in TN this Sunday - Thursday, April 05, 2012

FULL MOON (click) will be playing ANTFARM DICKHOLE this Sunday afternoon a little after 2pm.  This is quite an honor.  To celebrate, Bill Zebub will give out 1,000 free DVD's this weekend.  The south has been incredibly kind to Bill Zebub.  It all began with MAD MONSTER PARTY in NC. 

Jesus the Total Douchebag to play in Ohio - Thursday, March 29, 2012

JESUS, THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG will play this Saturday at the Cinema Wasteland horror convention in Storngsville OH!

This horror convention has always supported Bill Zebub's movies, and the audience just keeps growing and growing!  When Antfarm Dickhole played there in October, it was impossible to find an empty seat.  Many newcomers had to sit on the floor - that's how happy they were to be involved!

Mike Nastri and Steve Nebesni will be at this convention, signing autographs and meeting fans. 

ANTFARM DICKHOLE to play in Charlotte, NC - Wednesday, March 21, 2012


ANTFARM DICKHOLE will play in the best timeslot at

Saturday night at midnight.  This is an honor.  Yes, North Carolina finally has a horror convention/film festival to serve the cool people in the region.

JESUS, THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG hits stores today!!! - Wednesday, February 22, 2012

   Jesus, the Total Douchebag had VERY strong pre-sales, and it is now officially available at fine stores and via vendors all over the world.

   Additionally, Cinema Wasteland will showcase the movie at the April show in Ohio.

   Bill Zebub was surprised to see how many shops decided to carry this title.  When he made this movie he assumed that it was going to be an onscure underground flick, carried by only the bravest of merchants.

   As with all of Bill Zebub's films, it's actually YOU who make these appear in shops and on popular websites.  Without your demand, your support, and your voice, it would be quite a struggle.  Thank you for being an individual.

Sneak Peek at THE EARLY SKITS OF BILL ZEBUB - Wednesday, February 08, 2012

You can see some of the material that will be on the 3 1/2 hour DVD by CLICKING HERE  Bill Zebub is editing more and more material for this limited edition tribute to the past.

BILL ZEBUB calenders are available for 2012 - Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bill Zebub has limited-edition 2012 calenders that are hand-numbered.  Contact him via bill at billzebub dot com to find out how to get one.  These are not listed on the MERCHANDISE page of this site yet.  Currently the price is $15 which also includes shipping.

Bonus content announced for re-release of DIRTBAGS - Friday, December 02, 2011

The movie that is known as "Dirtbags; Evil Never Felt So Good" which is a re-make of "Dirtbags: The Armpit of Metal" is being re-released in March 2012.  This DVD will total over 3 hours.  The edit is the same, amounting to a 1 hour and 42 minute movie, but there is also a 41-minute interview with Peter Steele (different than the one on Rap Sucks).  There is also a generous helping of behind-the-scenes footage as well as all of the Gaylord footage (the actor had fun with his co-stars, not breaking character)

Audience Approved of "Jesus, the Total Douchebag" - Sunday, November 27, 2011

JESUS, THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG played at a public screening, and the approval was unanimous.  The master has been submitted for replication, and you can look forward to the release in February 2012.

The importance of this particular audience is that it was diverse.  Of course superstitiously religious people stayed far away, so their reactions cannot be known.  Hopefully they will NEVER react - the name of the movie and the packaging is meant to ward off those kinds of viewers.  This movie is meant to be enjoyed by the select few who relish this kind of humor.  There is no intention to shove this in everyone's face (unlike certain mind-everybody-else's-business do-gooders, or should we say, "do-evil-ers")


There will be a screening party for "Jesus, the Total Douchebag" on Saturday Nov 26.  Emaill Bill (at) billzebub dot com for your invitation (free admission)  Party to be held in north New Jersey.

Oderus Urungus, singer from GWAR, plays the role of Satan.  Alan Tecchio from Hades plays a Roman soldier.  And if that weren't metal enough, Bill Zebub plays both the black jesus and the white jesus.

ANTFARM DICKHOLE was mentioned on ATTACK OF THE SHOW - Friday, October 28, 2011


   Chris Gore mentioned ANTFARM DICKHOLE on ATTACK OF THE SHOW.  You can watch the review on the G4TV site -  (or click on THIS)

ANTFARM DICKHOLE plays at a horror convention in Ohio - Tuesday, October 04, 2011

   ANTFARM DICKHOLE was very well-received at the Cinema Wasteland horror convention last weekend.  Numerous audience members were interviewed for the "King of the B Movies" documentary that should be available in early 2012.

   The convention was buzzing with excited talk about the movie, and if the reactions of the crowd can be generalized to the rest of the world, this movie is going to be a huge success.

Vocalist of GWAR to play "Satan" in "Jesus, the Total Douchbag" - Thursday, September 08, 2011

   It has been confirmed that Oderus Urungus shall play the role of Satan in JESUS, THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG.  The vocalist of GWAR is NOT playing a cameo - the Oderus character is playing a ROLE - that means that Oderus is to be considered an actor, not himself.  He will be in GWAR costume, but his words and actions are to be considered fictional and NOT representative of the band.  GWAR and BILL ZEBUB both have reputations for producing politically-incorrect material, but the styles have (and should still be) considered separate.  So any outrage that results from the movie should not be attributed to GWAR.  But GWAR is no stranger to outrage...

   Of course, it would be very stupid for a person to be offended after having watched JESUS, THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG, because the title of the movie should ward off the kind of people who would be offended.  There is absolutely no reason for such people to ever watch this movie.  

New Jersey screening of ANTFARM DICKHOLE - Sunday, September 04, 2011


There will be a screening party for ANTFARM DICKHOLE on

Thursday, September 15

Free admission, with special guest Diane Kamikaze from WFMU

Email bill (at) billzebub (dot) com for details.

World Premiere of ANTFARM DICKHOLE - Thursday, August 18, 2011

It has been confirmed that ANTFARM DICKHOLE will play at the Cinema Wasteland horror convention in Cleveland, Ohio (actually, Strongsville) in October.  It is slated for the 8pm slot on the Saturday of the event, but schedules are subject ot change.  A few actors and actresses will be in attendance. 

Street Dates for Upcoming Movies - Saturday, August 13, 2011


ANTFARM DICKHOLE and CAPTIVE AUDIENCE will both become available in November.  Bill Zebub will have limited-edition DVD's of ANTFARM DICKHOLE at a few horror conventions prior to the official release.  The retail version in November will also contain the movie ASSMONSTER as a bonus.  The horror-convention version will not.

The surreal re-edit of JESUS CHRIST: SERIAL RAPIST will be available in December.  This is a billion times dreamier than the original edit.

There will be a screening party for ANTFARM DICKHOLE in a couple of weeks in New Jersey.  Email if you want to be invited.

ANTFARM DICKHOLE was submitted to a few horror conventions for possible screening.  Announcements of screenings will be announced, if the movie is suitable for such audiences. 

ANTFARM DICKHOLE is planned for a screening in Toronto in November.  Details to come.

"CAPTIVE AUDIENCE" wraps shooting - Sunday, July 24, 2011

   Today, CAPTIVE AUDIENCE wrapped shooting, featuring Angelina Martin as the lead role - a woman who gets kidanpped and subjected to a variety of abuses.  This movie was shot as a part of the "roughie" series of flicks that explored the lives of incredibly dememted villains.  The style of each such movie was selceted as the opposite of mainstream-movie depictions of such crimes.

   There is also a new teaser for ANTFARM DICKHOLE on the IN PRODUCTION page.

Two More Movies begin active production - Tuesday, July 05, 2011

   Bill Zebub began shooting CAPTIVE AUDIENCE and JESUS CHRIST THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG today.  He will be 80% finished with ANTFARM DICKHOLE by the end of this week, paving the way to the other movies. 

   There is a bit of a rush to get ANTARM DICKHOLE finished in time for the Cinema Wasteland deadline.  There will be a celebratory screening party for ANTFARM DICKHOLE toward the end of August on a Saturday night, along with standup comedy by Rich Carucci.  Email Bill Zebub if you can make it to north New Jersey.

RAP SUCKS hits the streets - Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    RAP SUCKS was officially released today.  If you don't find in in a store near you, ask a clerk to order it for you.

   Bill Zebub cannot favor any one vendor over another, so he cannot specify locations for you.  But don't be lazy.  With enough snooping, you can dig up a fresh copy of this experimental movie.

   After you enjoy the movie, write about it on the Internet, or rate it/review it on the myriad sites that allow viewer feedback. 

ANTM DICKHOLE is in active production - Saturday, June 11, 2011

   Although Bill Zebub has shot scenes with Lydia Lael, Angelina Martin, and Taylor Trash, active production for ANTFARM DICKHOLE didn't begin until Friday, June 10th.

   Bill Zebub is currently shooting three movies at the same time, but the main focus is on ANTFARM DICKHOLE.  Cast members will be announced on the IN PRODUCTION page as their scenes get shot. 

   The reason for the priority is because Bill Zebub would like this movie to play the myriad festivals and horror conventions in October and would like the street date of the DVD to coincide with those events (Bill Zebub does not screen his movies at film festivals in order to get distribution - he already has distributors.  Bill Zebub screens movies at conventions and film festivals to entertain PEOPLE, not business peers).

METAL RETARDATION on youtube - Sunday, May 15, 2011

   Bill Zebub has generously uploaded many of the chapters from METAL RETARDATION (click to enjoy) onto youtube.  If you love what you see then please support Bill Zebub and purchase the DVD, which has better quality and bonus material.

Bill Zebub to be featured in a documentary - Monday, May 09, 2011

Bill Zebub will be featured in a documentary called "King of the B Movies" which will be released this year. Chris Gore ( and Gore-Met( Rue Morgue) are two journalists who talk about this unusual director. Other directors, like JT Petty (The Burrowers) and Terry Lofton (Nailgun Massacre) also share their opinions.
Bill Zebub allowed the crew to comb through hundreds of hours of footage. Much of the material was never seen by anyone other than Bill Zebub. He did not like to show out-takes from the serious movies because he thought that it would shatter story-illusions. "If you see an actress laughing on set, it will be hard to erase that memory when watching her in a scary scene."
Other supplementary footage was taken from numerous interviews with public access shows, etc.
Obviously, there will be lots of interview footage that is exclusive to this documentary.

Bill Zebub is seeking permission to replicate free versions of the documentary. Right now, the documentary crew insist on the free version being censored, but Bill Zebub is offering the company up to two hours of bonus content that should entice people to get the retail version even if they got an uncensored free DVD. The retail price will only be $9.99, so most people shouldn't be reluctant to invest in more fun.

As of this writing, Bill Zebub does not know if the documentary made him look like an idiot. 
Bill Zebub to be a guest at a Canadian horror convention - Monday, April 25, 2011

Bill Zebub will be appearing as a guest in London, Ontario, at SHOCK STOCK. (click that link to be taken to the official site)

Originally RAP SUCKS was to be shown there, but RUE MORGUE magazine reviewed ZOMBIECHRIST in the current (April) issue, so it make more sense to present that flick..

Bill Zebub will also be interviewed for a documentary titled "King of the B Movies" at this event, and rumor has it that the Gore-Met from Rue Morgue shall chime in.  Audience members will also be interiewed about their reactions to the shocking movie.

Bill Zebub had been a guest at Rue Morgue's FESTIVAL OF FEAR in Toronto for the past two years.  People in Canada were very welcoming and appreciative.  Bill Zebub is always happy to make the trip.

Bill Zebub Killed in Animal Attack - Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bill Zebub was killed in a horrible manner by the animal that he was trying to protect.  He was scouting locations in Florida for a possible shark movie. 

Florida is also an area in which alligators live.  Pranksters managed to break into a zoo and tranquilize a crocodile.  They then transported the crocodile to an area rife with alligators.

Bill Zebub witnessed the activity, and at first he thought that the pranksters were game wardens.  But his keen eye discerned that the tranquilized animal was a crocodile, not an alligator, and it would be in danger of the native alligator population.

When the pranksters left, Bill Zebub leapt into the water to rescue the doomed creature.  He was known for his great love of crocodiles.  In fact, he never said, "See you later, alligator."  He would always say, "See you later, crocodile."  If Bill Zebub ever called you a crocodile, you can be sure that he loved you.

As Bill Zebub swam with the crocodile in tow, he was attacked by a moderately sized alligator..  The jaws clamped down on his right hand, and the alligator was poised to initiate the death roll, a famous alligator stratefy that twists the limbs off wayward swimmers.  But Bill Zebub knew the fighting style of the beast, and he just rolled with the alligator, which exhausted the terrififying creature.  Spectators arrived on the scene as Bill Zebub clamped the beast's jaws, and they cheered.

But underneath the water, the sleeping crocodile began to stir.  In what many people are calling a tragedy, the crocodile, which was in a semi-conscious state, misperceived the overcome alligator as its daughter, and it also misperceived Bill Zebub as a rival male.  (Crocodiles typically impregnate their own offspring). 

In a jealous and territorial rage, the crocodile suprised Bill Zebub from underneath.  The speed of the attack was so astounding that both the croc and Bill Zebub flew out of the water 15 feet, according to witnesses. 

The exact cause of death is yet to be determined.  The silver lining in this sad tale is that the crocodile became accepted into alligator society as a result of the murder.  But the harmony was short-lived.  As the myriad creatures devoured the pieces of Bill Zebub's corpse, the crocodile attempted to swallow Bill Zebub's head, and choked to death shortly thereafter.

Funeral arrangements remain private.

Serbian Woman helps to promote Bill Zebub movies in her country - Friday, March 18, 2011


   The lovely woman pictured on the left is Biserka Brkic.  She lives in Serbia, and she has been showing BILL ZEBUB movies to many  people in her country, which has helped Bill Zebub to become known there.

   Biserka did these nice things before she ever contacted Bill Zebub.  She did these great deeds as a fan and a volunteer. 

   Biserka is an example of the amazing kind of person who helps Bill Zebub. 


first trailer for RAP SUCKS is on youtube - Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The first trailer for RAP SUCKS is live on youtube = you can see this trailer on the IN PRODUCTION page of this site, at the bottom of the RAP SUCKS article.  When RAP SUCKS becomes available on DVD, the trailer will then move to the information page for that movie in the MOVIES section.  If you want to see this trailer directly on youtube so you can comment or get information to embed the video on your own site(s), click here. gets a new face! - Tuesday, November 30, 2010

   The original site has been down for a week.  Unfortunately nothing from it could be salvaged.  It just shows you how important it is to back up information, even though the process is tedius.

   The old site needed a major overhaul anyway.  (This is the correct attitude to have - to turn a negative into a positive).

   Please be patient while plentiful delights get prepared for your enjoyment.  Also be sure to give your feedback.

   If you were an exalted member of the old site, you have to register again.  There was just no way around that.  Hopefully you can spare the 30 seconds it will take to gather your ashes and ascend as a new creature, stronger than before.


Director of "Nailgun Massacre" TERRY LOFTON, Has Died


   (BILL ZEBUB)  "I met Terry Lofton at a horror convention and we instantly became friends.  He invited me out to Texas because his friend was starting a horror convention, and we kept in contact ever since.  It was only by accident that I discovered his passing.  I tried to call him but his phone was out of service.  When I tried other ways to reach him, that was when I found out the terrible news.  Ironically, his friend who started the horror convention hadn't heard the bad news either.  I want to do something to honor him.  He died in the manner of tragic artists, like Poe, when he should have had rewards in his last days, rewards for his love of film, his contributions,  and for his genuinely kind soul"

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